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Tigerlily Films is an award winning company producing factual and fiction content for TV, cinema and digital platforms around the world

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Map.jpg Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Only When I Dance) Naples, Italy (Naples Open City 1943-1948) Rome, Italy (Naples Open City 1943-1948) Dublin, Ireland (Electric Frank) Ulupamir, Turkey (37 Uses for a Dead Sheep) Bamako, Mali (Dolce Vita Africana) Venice, Italy (Dolce Vita Africana) Soloba, Mali (Dolce Vita Africana) Atlanta, USA (Black Power Salute) San Francisco, USA (Black Power Salute) Los Angeles, USA (Black Power Salute, Transit, Alexis Arquette, She's my Brother) Chongqinq, China (She, A Chinese) London, UK (She, A Chinese) Lausanne,  Switzerland (Only When I Dance) New York, USA (Black Power Salute, Goth Cruise, Only When I Dance) Whitby, UK (Goth Cruise) St. Petersburg, Russia (Transit) Mexico City, (Transit) Nairobi, Kenya (Transit) Bermuda (Goth Cruise) Miami, USA (Goth Cruise) Van , Eastern Turkey (The Market) Laos (Footprints) Afghanistan (Footprints) Durban, South Africa (Shosholoza: Moving Forward) Johannesburg, South Africa (Shosholoza: Moving Forward) Kazazhstan (After the Apocalypse)


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In production

  • MR ALZHEIMERS AND ME thumbnail


    Three children are given their own cameras to record personal moments with their grandparents who all have dementia.  But this ...

  • The Ones Below thumbnail

    The Ones Below

    David Farr's (screenwriter of HANNA) feature film debut THE ONES BELOW, produced by Nikki Parrott, filmed in London and Berlin a...

  • The Lovers and the Despot thumbnail

    The Lovers and the Despot

    Following the collapse of their glamourous romance, a celebrity director and actress are kidnapped by movie-obsessed dictator Ki...

  • REMAINDER thumbnail


    Tigerlily's latest feature film 'Remainder' is now filming in London and Berlin.The cast includes Tom Sturridge in the lead role...